Better MPG

Detroit Radiator Corp. Silicone Products

Silicone VS Rubber
  Silicone Rubber (EPDM)
Temperature Capability Excellent - Up to 500°F Moderate - Up to 257°F
Average Service Life 10 Years 2 Years
Temperature Range -67°F to 500°F -40°F to 300°F
Daily Wear and Tear Excellent - Silicone stays flexible in harsh, under the hood environments Poor - Over time runner stiffens and becomes brittle at the connection points
Cost of Operation
  • Fewer clamping points
  • Lifetime of performance
  • No replacements needed
  • Additional clamping points
  • More labor cost per installation
  • Multiple replacements over time
Risk Factor
  • Will not crack or split
  • Install it and Forget it
  • Preferred by all USA diesel engine OEM's
  • Will crack or split over time
  • Likely to lead to expensive "On the road" downtime
Silicone offers better performance at significant savings!
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