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Detroit Radiator Corporation - Leadership team

Randy Pruitt

Randy Pruitt

Working for a family friend, Randy was first introduced to the radiator business as a teenager in high school. His career began as “gopher" at Downriver Radiator Corporation. A couple of years later, Randy's father, John Pruitt, purchased Downriver Radiator Corporation and was proud to place his highly-driven son in charge.

Randy grew Downriver Radiator Corporation by adding substantially more commercial accounts and recognizing an opportunity to change the game in heavy duty cooling products - by manufacturing all-metal aftermarket radiators as superior replacements for the OEM plastic and aluminum types. With this strong vision, Randall Industries was created in 1991.

Capitalizing on the brand most recognized for quality products, Randy purchased Detroit Radiator Corporation in 2001, merged his then two companies into one company, and expanded its presence across every market in the heavy duty truck industry.

It was Randy’s entrepreneurial and technical talent that built Detroit Radiator Corporation and made it the well-recognized, national, industry leader that it is today. His operational, hands-on knowledge of the radiator and heat transfer industry has enabled him to lead his company in focusing on customer needs, fair price, top quality, and on-time delivery.
Randy is an honored recipient of the following two recent prestigious awards:

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2011)
  • Crain’s Detroit Business Salute to Entrepreneurs (2011)

Some of Randy’s leadership team management skills were selected to be used in a quote for Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable., by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton.

As CEO of Detroit Radiator Corporation, Randy has built a strong foundation and a culture that represents his passion for success and giving back.

David Bitel

David Bitel
General Manager

As General Manger, David oversees Detroit Radiator Corporation’s state-of-the-art Information Technology Architecture, and all DRC Policies and Manufacturing/Production Safety Guidelines Management. David also has Management and Quality Control responsibilities within Inventory, Manufacturing and Distribution, as well as the day-to-day Business Operations for DRC.
David joined DRC in 2009 and holds a Board of Directors seat at NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association. Prior to this, he held executive and management positions in sales, operations, information services, and quality assurance for a handful of companies, including, Center for Computer Resources, Atlas Oil Company, and UltraLevel.

Suzanne Bitel

Suzanne Bitel
National Sales Manager

As National Sales Manager, Suzanne is responsible for leading Detroit Radiator Corporation’s dynamic B2B and B2C Sales Teams to profitability on a national level.

Suzanne ensures a high level of customer satisfaction within DRC; providing escalation support to customers and leading DRC’s Customer Services Team.

Suzanne brings to the company many years of sales and customer services management experience within the transportation industry, exceptional relationship-building skills, and an effective approach to recruiting and retaining only the best DRC Sales Team Members.

Suzanne joined DRC in 2009 and her resume includes holding management positions at MTS Driver Recruiters and Atlas Oil Company.

Roger Baughman

Roger Baughman
Production Manager

Roger first joined Detroit Radiator Corporation in 1993.  As Shop Manager, Roger had responsibility over the warehouse, customer service and the radiator repair shop departments.  When DRC was acquired by Randall Industries in 2001, Roger moved over to Downriver Radiator to serve as the Shop Manager.  Over the next 9 years Roger successfully built a steady revenue stream from commercial and consumer accounts.

In 2010 Roger re-joined DRC as the Production Manager, responsible for all the manufacturing and safety processes for the company.  During his first year as Production Manager, Roger directed the manufacturing growth with unit production increases over 200%.

Having been in the automotive and heavy duty truck radiator field since 1980, Roger is one of the most well respected "radiator men" in the business.

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